Why is HelloPhoto not available for Apple products?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow access to its lock screen. We're hoping they will change that soon.

What are the costs of downloading Collections?

Most Collections are free, but the creator can set the download price as they wish.

Do I have to download photo Collections?

No, you can stay with your own photos from your phone gallery and social media.

Who can create a photo Collection?

Photographers, creatives, designers, brands, celebrities, and ... YOU!!!
Anyone with a passion can gather great photo Collections.

Why should I create a Collection?

It's fun. Watch other people who share your passion download your creation.

If you're a brand, team, celebrity, etc., how awesome is it that your fans come across your brand several times throughout the day? Talk about Brand Equity and awareness! Also, you can monetize in several ways.

What can the Collections be of?

Pretty much anything you can think of (except for pornographic, crude, offensive material). Think kittens, sports, quotes, beaches, legos, etc. Get creative!

How many photos should be in a Collection?

We'd say at least 50 photos. If people look at their phones 50-100 times a day, and yours is the only Collection they have turned on, they could go through your Collection quickly. You can't go wrong with 150-200 photos, but there is no minimum requirement. Maximum is 3GBs of space right now.

Should photos be portrait or landscape layout?

They can be either. If you upload a landscape photo, it will appear on the lockscreen portrait and cropped, but the user can rotate their phone landscape to see the whole photo.

Why is there an approval process?

We screen EVERY Collection to make sure nothing pornographic, crude, or offensive get through. We also want to keep the quality of our Collections to a decent level.

How many Collections can I create?

Right now, you can create as many as you want. This might change, but for now, go for it!

Where can I gather photos?

Only use royalty free and un-copyrighted photos. Get written permission if ever there is doubt. Using inappropriate photos can get your Collection taken down.

What are the ways I can make money creating a Collection?

1) You can charge per Collection download, whether it's $1000 or free.
Every time someone downs your Collection, you make money. We take a 15% cut.

2) Sell hi-res photo files.
Upload hi-res photos while creating your Collection, and set the prices per file download. We auto-crop it the file to specific sizes. When a user sees a cool photo on their lock screen from your Collection, they can purchase the file directly from the lock screen, we email them the file, and BAM you get paid.

Also, users can shares that photo with someone else. The shared link contains the download option with prices, so that person can purchase and download as well.

3) Sell directly from the lock screen - COMING SOON -
Every once in a while, you can place an ad to sell something to your targeted fans. If your fans want one, they can purchase it right from their lockscreen to shorten the purchasing process.

How do you create a great Collection?

1) Complete your profile
Our community likes to know your story about the Collection

2) Use awesome photos that look good on a smartphone screen
Gather them in a folder for easier uploading. Adding/editing requires going through the approval process again. We'd appreciate it if kept those to a minimum ?